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CARMEN ELECTRA gets boost on PORNHUB After her brief cameo on 'The Last Dance'

Searches for supermodel Carmen Electra on Pornhub skyrocketed after her brief appearance in popular Netflix documentary "The Last Dance".

Electra's appearance on "The Last Dance" left Viewers of the popular docu-series wanting to see more of her content, as they evidently found her guest appearance enthralling.

The Playboy model previously dated Dennis Rodman, and got married to the Chicago Bulls legend in 1998. Before the duo's wedding, they went on a wild Las Vegas trip during the 1997/98 NBA season, which is revealed early in episode four of docu-series The Last Dance.

Electra spoke about how basketball legend Michael Jordan barged in on them in bed together after their mid-season “vacation”.

According to TMZ after the episode aired on April 26th, searches for Carmen Electra surged. While she usually managed about 1500 searches on the website per day, that number skyrocketed to over 588,000 on Wednesday.

Pornhub (SFW link) told TMZ Sports ... demand for Electra was huge this week ... with more than 1.7 MILLION searches for videos related to her.

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