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Sick predator, 24, raped mum in front of her children after following her home and breaking in

John Ward was jailed for rape after he followed a young mum homeCredit: MEN Media

A sick predator raped a mum in front of her children after following her home and breaking in.

John Ward, 24, targeted the 28-year-old woman with sick taunts before bursting into her Rochdale family house.

He forced himself on the terrified victim in her hallway as her daughters watched - moments after they got home from a family dog walk.

The five and nine year old tried to help their mum but Ward shouted "I'm just talking to mum".

After raping the woman an accomplice walked in and both men ran before being arrested.

The woman was so traumatised she left her Greater Manchester home that day, and seven months on is still living in temporary accommodation.

In a heartbreaking statement to police she said: ''These two men destroyed any peace of mind I had. They caused me so much trauma and distress and I moved out with my children because I could not face going back there after what happened.

''I would never be able to walk back into that house again without revisiting the events of that day. I would never be able to settle without flinching at the sound of somebody at the door.

''Initially we stayed with a family member but we needed our own home so my daughters could settle into a routine again.

"However I am still on the waiting list for a permanent property. None of us anywhere near feeling settled and we are frustrated and upset.

''I have been through such a desperate time and had suicidal thoughts which have subsided now but only with the help of my friends and family who have supported me through my lowest moments.

''My dog now lives with my Nan as I am not able to walk it as all this started when I was out walking my dog. I never want to see these two men again or hear their voices after what they did to me and my children.''

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Ward, of Kirkholt, Rochdale admitted two charges of rape and sexual assault and was jailed for 16 years.

Aaron Farrell, also 24, of Middleton, near Rochdale, admitted perverting justice and was jailed for 21 months.

Sentencing Judge John Potter gave Ward an extended jail term labelling him a dangerous offender.

He told him: ''Throughout her appalling and dreadful ordeal, the victim could hear her children screaming and crying as they knew their mother was being attacked on the other side of the living room door.

''She was terrified - not just by this appalling sexual abuse by you but by her helplessness and powerlessness to break free from your grasp and protect herself and her children.

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My view: Such sick human being he's so disgusting and vile and doesn't deserve to be called or treated as a human being.

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