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Nearly 400 women have joined a UK dating site for men with big penises in just one week

Nearly 400 women have joined a British dating site for men with big todgers in just one week.

And they can block any fibbers who do not measure up.

David Minns, founder of Big One Dating, said: “We have introduced a ‘Not big enough’ report button.” He said the average member has 8in but the biggest claims to be 11in."

The latest recruits include 391 women and 833 men. Size matters most for women in Sheffield, where 38 per cent of the total joining were female.

In Coventry the proportion was 36 per cent and in Leeds 34 per cent. It fell to 29 per cent in London, 26 per cent in Liverpool and 19 per cent in Cardiff.

Men have to be over the global 5.5in average to join.

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My view: Hmmmmm, imagine a website for men looking for women with no bum lifts, no false breasts, no lip fillers.

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