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Rita Ora 'leaves locals furious after spending COVID-19 lockdown at rented farmhouse... 150 mile

Rita Ora has reportedly left locals furious after spending the COVID-19 lockdown at a rented farmhouse 150 miles away from her London abode.

The singer, 29, is said to be staying with five people at the South West property as they work on her new album on a pre-booked trip.

Yet the group have reportedly left local residents furious after they were 'shooed away' on nearby public footpaths and drones were used to 'follow them'.

Rita's posse is also said to have been 'shouted at by a farmer' after they entered private land.

The star arrived at the farmhouse on March 21 before Prime Minister Boris Johnson put the UK on lockdown to tackle the coronavirus crisis, reports The Sun.

The publication also claims that a local wrote on an online residents' group: 'Surely she should respect the rules and have stayed in f****** London?'

While a different local is said to have accused Rita's 'screaming' security staff of reducing her son, seven, 'to tears' on a public footpath nearby with a drone used to 'follow' them as they 'walked away'.

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My view: Why post stuff that'll bring controversy on social media, just for Likes. I don't get why some people share everything on social media?, not so good.

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