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Emmanuel Macron is caught on camera in heated row with medic over lack of equipment

Emmanuel Macron has been caught on camera in a heated row with a medic just moments before he took part in a public appearance with health professionals.

Footage of the French President applauding alongside medical staff was shared by the Elysee Palace before a second video showing the heated exchange over a lack of resources and staff was shared by a healthcare workers union.

The video, taken on April 9, was filmed days before Macron addressed a record television audience of 36.7 million viewers last night to apologise for the government's failings in tackling the coronavirus crisis.

During the TV address, he conceded that 'mistakes were made' and announced that the isolation period in France would be extended until May 11. The coronavirus has now claimed 14,393 lives in France.

The head of state presented his concerns to 13 million more people than watched France's first football World Cup win in 1998, with an incredible 94 per cent audience share.

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After Macron's visit to the Kremlin-Bicetre hospital in Paris, the Elysee Palace released a single video showing a nurse asking the President: 'Can we applaud each other as people do at 8pm?', which is followed by long applause.

However, a second clip recorded at the meeting, during which the Elysee Palace is said to have banned filming and at which no journalists were present, has now been released showing a fierce exchange preceded the applause.

In the second video, shared by the USAP-CGT (L'union syndicale CGT de l'Assistance Publique) hospital workers' union, Macron tells one of the workers: 'What's true is that we haven't made up for 15 years of hospital tariff cuts, you're right.'

But he then added: 'Maybe you haven't been wholly objective the whole time. But I won't take responsibility for anything that's been done before.'

The worker responds by saying: 'You know, these jobs, we do them because they are a calling,' with Macron saying 'I know'.

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My view: I don't get this evil COVID-19, killing hundreds of people daily, the virus of mass destruction, God save us.

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