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Shoppers almost come to blows over baby formula

Shocking footage has emerged from a Big W store where shoppers had to be physically separated after a stoush over two tins of baby formula.

Shoppers at a Big W store had to be separated after an altercation over baby formula — and the entire scene was captured on video.

The footage shows shoppers confronting a man and a woman in Big W after they were reportedly seen lining up multiple times at the checkout with baby formula tins.

A man carrying two tins of formula and wearing a face mask was told by another customer to “put them back” because Big W places a limit on the number of tins per customer.

The conflict escalates before other shoppers and staff quickly step in, confiscating the tins and escorting the pair out of the store.

“Australians have clearly had enough,” said the woman who posted the video on Facebook.

The clip has received over 1,500 likes and more than 480 retweets since it was shared early Sunday morning.

The confrontation escalated when a man standing in line behind the couple stepped forward and told them to “put it back”.

The woman responded by telling him it was “none of your business” while her male companion asked, “what have I done?”.

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“I’ll take you outside buster,” an elderly shopper tells the man the holding the tins, before the two begin lunging at each other.

Other shoppers can be seen in the footage running over to separate the pair before a Big W staff member steps.

“You’re not allowed to buy the formula and that’s it,” she tells the pair.

Many have shared words of support on social media for the man who confronted the couple, saying enough is enough.

“This was always going to happen. Quiet Australians will take matters into their own hands when they’ve had enough of the piss-take,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Well done to the gentleman who had the courage to call them out,” added another. “If we all showed the same courage, this behaviour would not occur. Enough is enough!”

Major retailers like Big W, Coles and Woolworths have long maintained an in-store policy of two baby formula tins per purchase to deter those thought to be buying on behalf of others and shipping products overseas.

After shoppers at a supermarket in Sydney’s south were recently filmed filling trolleys with baby formula, Coles released a statement saying: “It’s extremely disappointing when any customer doesn’t comply with the product limits that are in place to ensure everyone has access to the essential groceries they need.”

Other shoppers and Big W security staff got involved to separate the pair. Picture: Twitter @KeiraSavage00.Source:Twitter

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