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'Go back to China': Woman racially abuses Telstra employee

A woman has been filmed racially abusing workers at a Telstra store, telling one to "go back to China" and declaring herself "queen" of Australia.

A woman has been filmed racially abusing workers at a Telstra store in Sydney, telling one to "go back to China" and declaring herself "queen" of Australia.

NSW Police is now investigating the incident, which occurred at the Telstra store in Miranda in Sydney's south at about 11am yesterday.

According to The Daily Mail, the woman became irate after being asked questions to ensure coronavirus safety and refused to be served by an Asian employee.

All customers are required to apply hand sanitiser and are asked a series of questions, including whether they have recently been overseas or have flu-like symptoms.

She began ranting at the worker, telling him he would "be deported" while standing within 1.5 metres and filming him on her phone.

After being asked to leave the store, she said, "No, you'll be leaving and I'll be making sure that your whole family will be deported. It doesn't matter that you were born here because I am the queen of this country.

Do you understand that?"

The employee repeatedly said "good on you" as the woman abused him. "Good on me," she replied. "You have been served your eviction notice with your whole family."

Further video showed the woman continuing to rant at three employees outside the store, where she got close to the manager's face and screamed "go back to China".

"My family is going to make sure this shop is shut down immediately," she said. As she walked off she turned around and addressed another employee, adding, "And you are too, India."

A Telstra employee told The Daily Mail it was the floor manager's birthday. "We are here to help you, we are not here to be scolded," he said. "I just feel for the Asian Chinese community. It's not fair on us during these times. We are being mocked and treated like second-class citizens."

A spokesman for the telco said in a statement to that Telstra store staff “are working hard to keep the public connected during this difficult time”.

“It is incredibly disappointing to see such behaviour from a member of the public towards one of our staff members,” he said. “The staff members involved have been offered counselling. We understand the matter is now with the police and we will cooperate fully if required."

Last month, two sisters walking on the street in Marrickville in Sydney’s inner-west were racially abused and spat on by a young woman calling them “Asian dogs” who “brought corona here”.

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My view: It's not fair to blame the people, the Chinese government concealed facts from the world. Blame the Chinese Communist Party for the coronavirus crisis. It reportedly covered up what was happening in Wuhan. It silenced whistleblowers who sought to warn the world of the killer virus.

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