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Fury as Instagram models turn desperately needed coronavirus face masks into bikinis to go viral

Instagram influencers have sparked fury by turning desperately needed coronavirus face masks into bikinis in the latest warped online trend.

The posing outfits, known as "quarankinis", are sweeping social media as the global coronavirus death toll topped 50,000.

Model Yulia Ushakova from Russia posted this distasteful snap to InstagramCredit: Jam Press

Many people have been stocking up on face masks to offer protection from the contagious coronavirus as millions of people across the world stay at home self-isolating.But some Instagram models have taken a new distasteful spin in making the critical meical supplies a latest “must-have” accessory.

Several influencers have posted pictures of themselves using face masks as bikinis, attracting mixed reactions from fans.

Model Yulia Ushakova from Russia posted a photo of herself using face masks to cover her intimates.

She captioned the snap: "I ordered a new trend for the swimming season 2020 ... Built-in valves make breathing easier, but it needs to be changed every two hours!"

Another model Yana Koshinka also posted a snap of her covered in toilet paper while walking down the stairs.

She said: "Found in the store a little toilet paper. Ready for self-isolation..."

Australian model Jade Marie pictured herself in a black string-tied face mask bikini Credit: Jam Press

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My view: I wonder who they're influencing during this global crisis, they are just seeking for attention as they can no longer travel because of social distancing.

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