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Madrid and London facing worse coronavirus outbreak than Italy’s with 143 dead in the capital - as New York's death rate is higher

March 25, 2020

Madrid and London are facing worse coronavirus outbreaks than Lombardy in Italy with deaths doubling every two days - but New York's mortality rate could be set to outpace them all.


New analysis of the number of deaths shows the number of fatalities in certain cities is fast outstripping the average mortality rate for even the countries they are in.


In London, deaths double every two days, a day faster than the average across Britain, the research by the Financial Times shows.


The humanitarian cost of the pandemic continues to mount globally as more than 415,000 people have been infected with the deadly disease, and more than 18,000 have been killed. 


Lombardy, Italy, replaced Wuhan in China, as the most badly impacted region in the world, with authorities in the European country announcing that 743 more people had died in the country on Tuesday, bringing the total dead to 6,820. 


Italian authorities believe some of the restrictive measures taken may be beginning to have an impact after officially registered new infections rose by just eight percent, the same percentage increase as Monday- the lowest level since Italy registered its first death on February 21. 


The trajectory of the rapidly spreading virus shows that Madrid and London could become the next hotspots of the disease, with deaths now doubling every two days in the respective capital cities.

Fully protected soldiers are preparing at Sanitas Mayores Residential Centre, located in the Carabanchel neighbourhood of Madrid, to carry out disinfection tasks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on Tuesday



Preparations at The Spanish Army- UME-Health Ministry and CAM install a field hospital at IFEMA near Madrid



New Yorkers are clearly not taking any notice of the stay at home order put in place as they are out in mass enjoying the weather along Riverside Park and Central Park on Tuesday


Shocking images show workers on the UK's biggest construction project being forced to work in close proximity - despite the country being put into lockdown.This morning, over 4,000 Hinkley Point C staff were told that business will continue running as normal despite Boris Johnson's announcement yesterday


A busy Jubilee line eastbound train carriage, the day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson put the UK in lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus




Source: Read more from dailymail.co.uk




My view: With the alarming daily death rates around the world, it really shows how contagious and deadly this virus is. I think the government should pay your energy bills.  Stay safe and stay indoors.




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