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Mother reunites with son after 40-years after abandoning him and now rejects him for being “ugly”

March 20, 2020

A Ugandan mother who left the country for Australia over 40 years back has been reunited with her son whom she dumped when he was just 3 months.


Kabanda how he looks today and how he looked when his mother last saw him


According to Christine Joyce Nanyonga, she separated with her sons when she left Uganda in 1979 after getting “sponsor”.


“I couldn’t travel with them. I left them with their dad, Eric Nyanzi. One of the sons was Ronald, born in 1975 and Moses Kabanda who was just 3 months. I am now back and looking for my sons whom I left in Uganda many years ago. I don’t know their whereabouts or how they look like but all I am interested in is my sons knowing who their mother is and that she is still alive and loves them,” she pleaded while appearing on Bukedde Tv.


Days after appearing on the show, a man who identified himself as one Hannington Kabanda showed up claiming to be one of the sons whom Nanyonga was looking for.


He said Nanyonga’s story sounded very familiar with what he had been hearing since his childhood.


“While at my granny’s place, I once heard that my mum got a misunderstanding with my dad and they separated. Soon after separating, she hooked a white and they left the country. According to their discussion, my mother was called Joyce and the lady who is looking for her sons is also called Joyce. She talks about having sired the children with Nyanzi and my father was Eric Nyanzi. He died in 1995,” he said.


Nanyonga was alerted that her son had been seen. “His story corroborates with what I remember and I’m more than convinced he comes from the family to which I was married but at heart, I still don’t feel he is my son. I feel like my son is either out there or dead but he is not this one,” she argued.


To remove any doubts, the two were subjected to a DNA test and results showed she is indeed the mother of Kabanda.


“I don’t believe this….I don’t believe this… I don’t know how you do things in Uganda but I don’t believe he (Kabanda) is my son. When I look at the photo when I left him (at 3 months), I would expect him to be fatter, taller or at least light skined at the moment….This one is too dark,” she fumed as she rejected the DNA results.


“I will only believe results from Australia. In Australia, we have equipments through which a photography can be passed to bring out the likely photos of a person at the different stages of his development. I’ll go with this photo and once it is proved he is my son, I will return and look for him.”


Kabanda now 40 years says he grew up in Bugerere with his granny from the age of 3 months. His other brother grew up in Masaka with his uncle. He never got any education and currently he is a pastor.


“I had longed to meet my mother all my life. In our culture, we believe blessings of a boy child come from his mother. I’ve had a very difficulty life from childhood. A couple of months back I was renting in Busabala.


The landlord would stand me paying him in installments and life was not that bad but when he handed the houses to a company, they want their rent in full.


“I couldn’t raise it. Sometimes I would to some friends to help me out but it also reached a time when they also started disappearing from me. I would lock myself in the house and cry. When I heard about my mother looking for his son, I was the happiest. At least I knew she was going to open up my blessings,” he recollected.


On being rejected, Kabanda said it was not surprising.


“It is human nature. Most people whenever they become wealthy, they tend to lose their sense of humanity. By rejecting me, it just showed me she is my biological mother…..She is the cold hearted mother that can abandon her children for over 40 years without checking on them. Mothers usually love their children so much and wouldn’t do what she did. I’m happy though that I finally got a chance of seeing and hearing from a person who produced me… still moves on. If I have lived on my own all my life, nothing will stop me.”


Kabanda is a street preacher and stays rents in Kibuli while his mother is now an Australian citizen where she gave birth to other children. On the other hand her son still has no wife or children.


“I don’t have any child or wife because currently I am unemployed and can’t support a family.”



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