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Lizzo leads a choreographed dance in a blue bikini to MC Hammer at a pool party following Instagram meditation amid coronavirus pandemic

March 17, 2020

Lizzo is proving to be a strong public figure for her fans amid the coronavirus pandemic.


But even she is feeling nostalgic for better times as many are isolating into self-quarantine.





Scroll down for video


She took to TikTok Sunday with a video of herself in a blue bikini, dancing with friends on a recent vacation.

The 31-year-old stood in a shallow ankle-deep pool with a party of people behind her dancing to a remix of MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This.


Toward the end of the short clip, the whole group's movements sync up to a funky take on the Macarena.








Source: Read more from dailymail.co.uk



My view: It's good to see talented singer Lizzo promoting positive energy during this global crisis. It is scary in London, you can't go to the clinic or A&E if you're ill, you can only talk to your GP on the phone, sad. 

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