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DAN HODGES: We have a new British motto: Panic And Snatch Toilet Rolls

March 15, 2020

The military are mobilising. Preparing for the deployment of Army units to protect hospitals, supermarkets and other vital facilities.


Not from a hostile invading force, or terrorist fanatics. But from the British people, in the event the coronavirus emergency starts to spiral out of control.


It sounds like something out of science-fiction film. Or a rehash of one of the more apocalyptic Project Fear scenarios from the Brexit debate.


Britain's new motto: Dan Hodges says it has gone from Keep Calm And Carry On and changed to Panic And Snatch The Toilet Roll


But it's not a film, or a political construct. Coronavirus is real. It has no political affiliation. 


And unless we as a nation realise that, and start to get a grip, a lot of people are going to die.


Until a couple of weeks ago, our unofficial national motto was Keep Calm And Carry On. 


This morning it has become Panic And Snatch The Toilet Roll.


Never mind the fact many of our fellow citizens with serious existing medical conditions need the products being greedily and selfishly hoovered from the shelves. 


Ignore the most vulnerable in society, who don't have the luxury of investing a month's food bill on a single shop in order to 'be prepared'.

 Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on people to act responsibly 


Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said 60 per cent of the population needs to catch coronavirus to defeat the virus





Source: Read more from dailymail.co.uk



My view: Some people are extremely greedy, they have no consideration for others. I blame the supermarkets allowing this to happen.




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