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'Psychotic' woman carries mother's decapitated head in carrier bag

March 13, 2020

 (Image: Facebook)




A woman who killed her mum and cut off her head was caught on CCTV carrying it around in a bag after the gruesome attack.


After smashing her 73-year-old mum's head with a mallet until she was dead, Odessa Carey, who has paranoid schizophrenia, decapitated her and removed the brain.


Odessa Carey snr's body was found on her bed at her home in North Seaton, near Ashington , last April.

Two days later her head was found in a kitchen cupboard of a home in Guide Post, Northumberland , where Carey had been staying.


When police trawled through CCTV, they saw Carey, 36, had been carrying the head around.


At one point, she took it the an allotment shed in Ashington where a family friend lives and took it out and kissed it, before carefully putting it back in the bag.


Carey was not fit to stand trial given her mental health problems but jurors found she did the act of killing her mum, following a trial of the facts.



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Police said Carey had received treatment from a young age for a variety of mental health issues and had stopped taking her medication in the weeks prior to killing her mother.


One of the psychiatrists who examined Carey, Dr James Stoddart, said when he first saw her she was "extremely unwell, the most unwell person I've met in my 21 years as a doctor".


The court heard she was not fit to instruct lawyers nor to follow the course of the proceedings or understand the evidence or give evidence.


Dr Matthew Langley, based at Rampton, said that while Carey has been "superficially quite settled for months", "unfortunately you don't have to scratch very far beneath that superficial exterior to find the florid psychiatric symptoms are still there" and that she has "delusional ideas".


After the jury found she had done the act of killing her mum, Judge Sloan told them: "The evidence I heard before you were empanelled confirms the defendant is acutely psychotic, it’s likely she has schizophrenia.


“She suffers from paranoid delusional beliefs.


”She does not believe the body is that of her mother. It’s still her delusional belief.


”She’s acutely unwell and so far all attempts to treat here have not be successful.


”Different treatment regimes have been attempted.




Source: Read more from chroniclelive.co.uk





My view: This is plain horror, beyond tragic. I wonder why the authority didn't section her to a mental health hospital, where they can manage and administer her medication.


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