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Chinese hotel used to observe coronavirus contacts collapses

March 8, 2020

A desperate rescue attempt is underway to save 30 people still trapped in a collapsed five-star hotel China.  


Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou City was recently converted to a quarantine facility for people who had recent contact with coronavirus patients, the People's Daily state newspaper reported. 


A video stream posted by the government-backed Beijing News site showed rescue workers in orange overalls clambering over rubble and twisted steelwork carrying people towards ambulances. 


The 80-room hotel collapsed at around 7.30pm (11.30am GMT) and at least 40 people had been rescued by 9pm, according to a local government statement. 


'I was at a gas station and heard a loud noise. I looked up and the whole building collapsed. Dust was everywhere, and glass fragments were flying around,' a witness said in a video posted on the Miaopai streaming app.


'I was so terrified that my hands and legs were shivering.'

Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou City collapsed around 7:30 pm (11:30 GMT) and around 23 people had been rescued by 9:00 pm, according to a local government statement


Footage has captured rescuers searching for injured people after the hotel collapsed overhead.


The horrific aftermath, which was caught on camera, shows the hotel levelling to the ground as rescue workers battled on.


No reason for the collapse was given.  State news agency Xinhua said rescue efforts were ongoing. 


A woman named only by her surname, Chen, told the Beijing News website that relatives including her sister had been under quarantine at the hotel as prescribed by local regulations after returning from Hubei province, where the coronavirus emerged.


She said they had been scheduled to leave soon after completing their 14 days of isolation.


"I can't contact them, they're not answering their phones, she said.


"I'm under quarantine too (at another hotel) and I'm very worried, I don't know what to do. They were healthy, they took their temperatures every day, and the tests showed that everything was normal."



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 (video: China Xinhua News)






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