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Fashion school apologises for ‘clearly racist’ runway show with models wearing giant lips

The alumni fashion show used oversized prosthetics (Picture: Getty)

The president of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) has publicly apologised after facing backlash for a ‘clearly racist’ fashion show.

The New York fashion school hosted an alumni runway show on 7 February, showcasing designers from its MFE Fashion Design class, but the models were wearing enormous prosthetic lips, ears and bushy eyebrows.

Model Amy Lefevre told The New York Post that she felt ‘uncomfortable’ and refused to wear the weird accessories, which she described as ‘clearly racist’ and resembling ‘monkey ears’.

‘I stood there almost ready to break down, telling the staff that I felt incredibly uncomfortable with having to wear these pieces and that they were clearly racist,’ she said.

A black model refused to wear the odd accessories (Picture: Getty)

When Instagram account Diet Prada shared a critical post displaying the outfits modelled on the runway, people in the comments were quick to share their outrage at the use of this kind of imagery.

‘It shouldn’t be down to the models to have to refuse to wear blatantly racist accessories on the runway,’ read the post. ‘

The choice of exaggerated bright red fake lips and “monkey ears”, as well as the school’s response, are leaving us shaking our heads.’

(Picture: Getty)

Source: Read more from Metro

My view: This is clearly racist, you can just tell from the accessories,the exaggerated bright red fake lips and “monkey ears”, speaks volumes about the people behind the archaic ideas. That's why the show did not sit well with people.

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