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8 killed six injured after attacks on shisha bars in German town

Eight people are dead and six more critically hurt after at least one gunman opened fire on two shisha bars last night in the German town of Hanau.

A huge manhunt launched to find the shooter apparently ended early this morning with the discovery of two bodies in a house nearby.

One one them was said by local reports to be 'the attacker', and police were working to identify the second. 'There are currently no indications of further perpetrators,' police Tweeted.

Earlier another man was arrested near the scene of one of the shootings but it was unclear what his role in the attack may have been.

Helicopters had scoured he area with police declaring a manhunt to be 'in full swing' after the bloodbath.

The motive for the attack remained unclear after the bodies were found at the house. Local reports said Turkish or Kurdish people were among the victims at the bars.

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An attacker is said to have rung the bell at the Midnight shisha lounge and sprayed bullets at people inside when he was let in. He then fled the scene in a dark-coloured car before gunfire rang out at a second bar, Arena, less han two miles away.

At the Midnight bar, one witness told German newspaper Bild: 'Someone with a gun came in and shot people.' Other witnesses told of eight or nine shots ringing out just after 10pm local time with one man seen lying prone on the ground after the shooting.

Three people died at Midnight and five at Arena, officials said.

A silver Mercedes covered in thermal foil blankets with shattered glass next to it could be seen standing outside Midnight bar after the killings, behind a police cordon.

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Source: Read more from Daily Mail

My view: What is wrong with people?, so much evil and hate. Why is there no regard for human life, so sad.

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