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British mum left ‘heartbroken and penniless’ after marrying toyboy student

Claire Alcantara, 46, married Franklin in 2013 (Picture: Mirrorpix)

A British mum has been left ‘heartbroken and penniless’ after marrying a student from the Dominican Republic who she met online.

Claire Alcantara, 46, first started speaking to husband Franklin on Facebook in 2013, having just been through a ‘terrible’ divorce.

The pair soon started skyping everyday, and the mum-of-three became excited to meet her ‘good-looking’ new boyfriend, who she described as having ‘the body of a god’.

After six months she applied for a tourist via for him to visit the UK, but later flew to the Dominican Republic for a month when it was refused.

While abroad, she started spending money on Franklin’s family home, and the couple then decided to tie the knot.

They married in the Dominican Republic in October 2013, despite Claire’s daughters telling her not to go ahead with her plans.

Claire then made the drastic decision to ditch her British citizenship in a bid to bring Franklin over to the UK.

He allegedly told Claire he was going to Punta Cana as part of his civil engineering course, but had instead gone back to the UK without her.

Claire claims she now can’t afford to leave the Dominican Republic, having spent around £40,000 on her husband.

She is now working a ‘very low-paid job’ in Santo Domingo and has been staying with a new boyfriend.

In the UK, Franklin claims he is set to be deported in the next month, adding that Claire ‘was the one’ who wanted to spend money on his family’s house.

Source: Read more from Metro

My view: The whole thing is a total mess, I don't get how a man you met on Facebook that is half your age, living millions of miles away from you, would just want to marry you for love. He obviously used her to travel to the UK. The amount she reportedly spent on him is kind of exaggerated though. Any long distance social media relationship a woman has to spend her own money just to keep or make the man happy, is not real, that's a red flag.

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