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Babysitter jailed for raping six-year-old girl nearly 50 years ago

Nulty was sentenced at Liverpool Crown Court (Picture: PA Archive)

A child rapist who told his six-year-old victim he would kill her mother if she told on him has finally been jailed.

Father-of-three Thomas Nulty, now 64, was a teenager in the early 1970s when he attacked the child he was babysitting as she slept in bed.

She would go on to make several suicide attempts, taking overdoses as a child and teenager, the court heard in an impact statement.

The attack left her feeling ‘isolated and alone’, her education suffered, she lacked confidence, had trust issues, suffered flashbacks and was in a permanent state of anxiety.

Nulty was jailed for seven-and-a-half years for rape after a trail at Liverpool Crown Court and for five offences of sexual assault against two other child victims, including an eight-year-old boy.

He had been previously been locked up for five years in 1995 for indecently assaulting a 12-year-old girl and a young woman.

Judge Gary Woodhall said the defendant ‘had shown little empathy or remorse and admitted having been sexually aroused by the power.’

The judge said Nulty’s had ‘ruined’ the girl’s life and she needed help for mental health issues.

Judge Woodhall said: ‘Only now following the conviction by the jury does she believe she might be able to move on.’

Nulty’s earlier crimes were only bought to light when his now-adult rape victim reported him to police in April 2018.

John Williams, prosecuting, said Nulty had also indecently assaulted the girl on a different occasion.

In another attack he wrestled an eight-year-old boy, pressing his groin against him, and incited a six-year-old girl to take her clothes off so he could lie on top of her.

Source: Read more from Metro

My view: He's a despicable human being, sick and evil.

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