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Double murder trial: Branston student strangled mother and bludgeoned her partner to death with a ha

The families of Premm Monti and Robert Tully released a photograph of the couple. Photo: Lincolnshire Police

A computer software student strangled his mother and killed her American partner with a hammer at their Lincolnshire home, a murder trial jury was told on Tuesday, February 4.

Andrei-Mihai Simion-Munteanu, 22, left the bodies of Leela Monti, 51, and Robert Tully, 71, at his mother’s bungalow on Lincoln Road, Branston, and took Mr Tully’s 4×4 car.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Simion -Munteanu spent several days driving around, first heading south to Salisbury, west to Stonehenge and then to Tintagel Castle.

He then went back north through Wales before going to Scotland.

Dr Monti, who was known as Leela, was reported missing to police after she failed to turn up for her work at a psychiatric clinic in Dudley, West Midlands.

An officer failed to get an answer when she called at Leela’s home in Branston, near Lincoln, and efforts to trace Robert Tully were also unsuccessful, the court was told.

Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Mr Tully’s Toyota Rav was also missing. It’s route was tracked and was eventually found parked at Aberdeen airport where Simion-Munteanu was lying down insde.

Source: Read more from thelincolnite

My view: This is so sad, maybe he was listening to the voices in his head why would anyone resent their mother so much and then brutally strangled her, he must have missed his daily medication, due to lack of supervision. He should be Locked up in a psychiatric hospital.

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