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Revellers enjoy a very merry Christmas as they hit the tiles on Thirsty Thursday when millions finis

The Christmas party season is in full swing across Britain as 'Thirsty Thursday' went with a bang last night.

Tens of thousands of revellers swamped pubs and clubs in towns and cities across the country as they celebrated the end of the working year - and fired the starting pistol on the festive period.

As the wine, beer and spirits flowed partygoers, many in fancy dress, danced and drank the night away with friends and colleagues before spilling out into the streets of London, Birmingham and Leeds.

But a sizeable minority had one too many drinks with people seen vomiting, urinating in doorways, fighting each other or needing medical help after collapsing.

Today, the last Friday before Christmas, is dubbed 'Mad Friday' as workers across the country celebrate the start of the holiday season, often with heavy drinking. Others call it 'black eye Friday' because the excessive boozing can lead to punch-ups and arrests.

On Twitter, Birmingham City Police said multiple officers were injured on Thursday night, including one who was 'bitten to the face, one with a bitten finger and one with a dislocated shoulder.' All offenders have been arrested and police say assaults on police officers will not be tolerated.

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Photo credit: Daily Mail

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