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Doctor reveals own payslip saying not all medics earn over £80,000

Dr Asif Munaf is on less than £50,000 (Picture: Twitter/@drasif)

A doctor has hit out at a Question Time audience member who went viral by insisting he was not in the top 5% of earners – despite taking home £80,000.

Last week Rob Barber complained about Labour’s election policy of planning a 45p rate on earnings for those on the highest salaries and said all doctors earned more than him.

Now Dr Asif Munaf has shared his own salary to prove how ‘misinformed’ Mr Barber is.

Tweeting a picture of his £48,075 pay slip, he wrote: ‘This guy is terribly misinformed. ‘I spent 6 years at medschool and a further 7 years of specialist training and I get paid £48,000.

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Mr Barber refused to believe he is in the top 5% of earners (Picture: BBC)

‘He needs to #factscheck and use some of his £80,000 on a new shirt and trim.’

The clip of Mr Barber provoked widespread mockery after he jabbed his finger in the air and accused Labour of lying about their proposed tax hike only affecting the top 5% of earners.

The average UK salary is £29,000 and figures from the Office for National Statistics show that anyone earning more than £75,300 is in the top 5%.

But Mr Barber, who is believed to be an IT consultant, even suggested that his salary was not even in ‘the top 50% of earners.’

He said he did earn above the £80,000 threshold just like ‘every doctor, every accountant and every solicitor.’

But official figures suggest all those professions fall below £80,000 – with a doctor on £76,000.

Under Labour’s plan, Mr Barber would have to pay roughly an extra £50 for every £1,000 he earns over £80,000.

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My view: Rob Barber earns over 80k a year and, therefore, he's among the top 5% of earners. The average wage in the UK is about 29k a year. He can afford to pay more tax, I don't feel sorry for him. He even suggested that his salary was not even in ‘the top 50% of earners’, that's not so true.

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