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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Cancelled

Last year, Ed Razek, VS’s former chief marketing officer, made offensive comments to, saying that there was “no room” for plus-size models on their runway and that he would not cast transgender models.

And this summer, it was discovered that Leslie Wexner, CEO of L Brands, was a close friend of disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein used Wexner’s link to Victoria’s Secret to recruit young women by promising them modeling jobs with the brand.

Ultimately, with the brand’s revenue declining quarter by quarter and changing societal ideas of what’s sexy, Victoria’s Secret has been in trouble for quite some time.

Burgdoerfer also chalked their decision up to finances. “Did we see specific material impact in terms of a short-term sales response to the airing of the fashion show? As a general matter, the answer to that question is no.”

The brand did not specify whether the cancellation is temporary, or the fashion show is gone for good.

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My view: I think it got cancelled because nobody literally watches it, the ratings are super low and they can't compete with Rihanna.

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