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Tube passengers unite to challenge man over antisemitic rant at Jewish father and son on Tube

The man was confronted by a Muslim woman. Pic: Chris Atkins

A Muslim woman has been hailed as "incredibly brave" after she confronted a man over his antisemitic rant at a Jewish father and son on the Tube.

British Transport Police are investigating the incident which happened on the Northern Line in north London at around noon on Friday.

Footage posted online showed a man reading a Bible passage with a quote about "the synagogue of Satan" as he leaned towards the little boy, before accusing Jews of being "imposters" who started the slave trade.

When a male passenger confronts him, the man says "Get out of my face. I will smack you right in your nose" before making further threats and swearing.

Filmmaker Chris Atkins, who posted footage of the incident on Twitter after asking the Jewish father's permission, told Sky News that four passengers confronted the abusive man, including the Muslim women wearing a hijab who he called "incredibly brave".

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He also revealed the Jewish father and son were sitting with another younger child and a woman who were out of the camera shot.

Mr Atkins said he boarded the Tube at Chalk Farm and the abusive man was "already in full flow".

"After a couple of minutes I realised there was a heavy antisemitic flavour to the abuse," he said.

"It was unbelievable that it was against children. It was shocking and really vicious.

"The boy was terrified.

"I couldn't believe it. It was so odd to see someone be so horrible and brazen.

"The dad was cool and calm and shrugged it off.

"He behaved commendably. I'm not sure I could have stayed so calm."

Mr Atkins said the abusive man got off the train at Waterloo Station "shouting that King James was in fact black".

After footage of the incident was posted online, people were quick to praise the Muslim woman who confronted the abusive man.

Broadcaster Suzi Perry wrote on Twitter: "That lady is a special women."

Another person tweeted: "The young Muslim woman was a star."

One Twitter user wrote: "A Muslim lady going to the defence of a Jewish father and son gives me renewed hope for the future of this wonderful country of ours."

In a tweet to Mr Atkins, British Transport Police said: "Very sorry you had to witness this. We are aware and are making enquiries."

In a further statement, the force added: "We are aware of a video circulating on Twitter which shows passengers being harassed and being targeted with anti-Semitic abuse on a Northern Line train.

"Enquiries are being made in relation to this footage."

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My view: So much respect for the Jewish gentleman & the Muslim lady in this video, for being calm while responding to the man that appears heightened in the clip.

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