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Revealed: The 'racist' female bus driver who is facing the sack after she was caught telling

A bus driver who was filmed telling a disabled black passenger that she did not understand foreign languages is off work and facing the sack.

The driver, identified by MailOnline as Karen Forshaw, sparked outrage after mobile phone footage emerged, showing her arguing with Ian Barrington who uses a wheelchair.

Mr Barrington, 44, who is originally from Trinidad and only speaks English, claimed the bust-up began after she refused to help lower a ramp for him, saying that she had a bad back.

It is understood that Ms Forshaw, 49, has worked for First Eastern Counties who operate Firstbus for several years. She was not at work today.

A former colleague, who used to work with Ms Forshaw, claimed she had been suspended.

He told MailOnline: 'Karen has been suspended pending investigations and she has now gone sick with stress.'

Ms Forshaw declined to comment when she was approached by a MailOnline reporter at her semi-detached cottage in East Winch, Norfolk.

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Speaking through her kitchen window, she said, ‘Sorry, no thanks’ when asked if she was driver involved in the incident.

She is believed to live with her partner Jason Dolman who also works for the bus operator.

The company would not confirm her identity, but said that an investigation was underway into her alleged behaviour.

A First Eastern Counties spokesperson said today: ‘We have not made any further comment at this time until the investigation is concluded.’

Mr Barrington said his wife Katar Zyna, 34, had to operate the ramp herself so he could get on the bus, taking them from their home village of Thorney, Cambridgeshire, to nearby Peterborough, on November 4.

The wheelchair user who moved to the UK seven years ago after he was shot and paralysed during a robbery, claimed that the driver became angry and threatened to throw him off the bus as he and Katar discussed her lack of help.

The video shows the Royal Mail worker sitting in the wheelchair bay on the bus shouting to the bus driver: 'Come and put me off because I'm speaking my mind, come and put me off!'

Ms Forshaw then shouted back: 'You should be ashamed of yourself!' Mr Barrington responded: 'I should be ashamed of myself?'

She replied: 'Yeah.' He then told her: 'You're documented, yeah? Just remember that.'

The footage then featured her shouting back: 'I don't understand foreign languages, I understand English!'

Mr Barrington said: 'You don't understand foreign languages, I'm a foreigner now. OK so I'm a foreigner now, you don't understand foreign languages, only English language you understand, so am I not speaking English?'

Karen Forshaw

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My view: Bad attitude by the bus driver - not sure if should be sacked for it but she definitely deserves a stern warning for her appalling behaviour

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