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Angry mum confronts ‘son’s bully’ and threatens to rip his face off

Shocking footage shows the moment a raging mum threatened to rip the face off of a person she believed to be bullying her son.

A video uploaded to Twitter shows the mother furiously confront her son’s alleged tormentor and warn him off touching her son ever again.

At the beginning of the tense clip, the boy filming the mum tells her that she can’t touch him.

Throwing her head forward to tie up her hair, she replies: ‘Let me tell you something you little c***, I ain’t from around here.

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‘Do you know who I am? ‘No? No, I’m [child’s] mum, yeah, yeah puss yo, I’m [child’s] mum.’

Getting closer to the alleged bully, she continues: ‘No! I ain’t going to stop getting close.

‘Touch my son again and I’ll rip your f****** face off!

‘I’ll rip your mum’s face off, your dad’s face off! Do you hear me?”

The boy responds: ‘Yeah.’

Still angry, the mum shouts: ‘Touch him I dare you to!’

The boy replies: ‘I won’t.’

The boy is heard telling the mum to step away (Picture: Deadline)

However, the mother continues, shouting: ‘F***** touch him, I dare you to I f**** dare you to!

‘Know yourself yeah, know yourself, know your f***** self.’

She finishes by saying: ‘I’m warning you, I’m warning you, one more f****** time!’

The boy is heard saying: ‘Alright, stop getting close to me.’

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My view: Oh wow just wow, that was pretty terrifying. I can understand her anger but seriously wrong approach and completely out of order. The good news is though… I think it worked? I really don’t think this bully will be messing with this woman's son ever again after the shocking face off.

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