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Metro passenger distracted by her phone walks straight off the platform in front of a train

A passenger, who was distracted by her phone, wandered straight off the side of the platform and into the path of a moving train.

CCTV footage captured the shocking accident at the Estrecho metro station in Madrid, Spain.

The video shows passengers waiting on the platform when a train pulls into the other side of the station.

Scroll down for video

As the train on their side approaches the platform, the woman gets up and walks towards it.

But, with her eyes glued to her phone, she fails to stop as she reaches the edge and falls straight onto the tracks.

Other passengers quickly bolt up to help the woman as the clip comes to an end.

Madrid Metro said the passenger was not injured in the incident, but urged other metro users to take care not to be distracted by their phones.

A Metro Madrid spokesperson said: 'Not looking up from your mobile phone while you are waiting for the metro is a distraction which could turn out expensive.'

Via Daily Mail

My view: A lot of people do this all the time, it is an addiction that's gotten out of hand.

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