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Love Island's Anna Vakili details her VERY relaxed pre-villa health regime and says she's le

Anna Vakili has revealed she 'didn’t work out at all' before Love Island – and hasn’t exercised since leaving the villa.

The curvy reality star, 29, confessed she needs to be 'stricter for health reasons' but being in front of the cameras hasn’t motivated her to hit the gym.

She's suffered the wrath of cruel trolls after haters branded her a 'terrorist' but Anna says she's learned to be 'strong' and uses a strict block and delete method to banish negativity.

Bikini babe: Love Island star Anna Vakili has revealed she 'didn't work out at all' before going on the show – and hasn't exercised since

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Anna said: 'I don’t have a vigorous work out regime at all – I need to be stricter really for health reasons.

'I didn’t work out at all before going on the show. While I was in Majorca during lockdown was the only time

I really thought "maybe I should be a bit healthier."

'I would have thought that coming out and having cameras in my face would make me want to work out but it hasn’t. I’ve been the opposite actually!'

She added: 'I still get trolled but I am getting stronger. I filter out bad comments.

'If I get a DM I read the first few words and if I can tell it’s going to be negative I just block and delete straight away. That’s my way forward.'

Anna and her lookalike sister Mandi have teamed up on a 16-style capsule edit by shoe brand SIMMI London

Via Daily Mail

My view: It seems she allegedly had cosmetic surgery, good for her if she's not motivated to go to the gym.

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