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Emotional tribute by Michael Gove's wife that confirms 3-year David Cameron feud

Michael Gove's wife has revealed the depth of her family's feud with the Camerons after not seeing the former PM for more than three years.

Journalist Sarah Vine spoke out after David Cameron launched a scathing attack on Mr Gove in his memoirs, branding him a disloyal "foam-flecked Faragist" who "twisted" the truth when backing Brexit in the 2016 referendum.

David Cameron and his wife Samantha were close friends with Mr Gove and Ms Vine for more than a decade - attending their wedding, holidaying in Scotland, having wives-only breaks in Ibiza, and glugging cocktails at Chequers.

But Ms Vine confirms the last time she saw "Dave" was in February 2016 - saying: "By then, it was already too late.

"Politics and its corrosive influence had driven a wedge between us. The referendum was just the final hammer blow."

Mr Cameron's memoirs, For The Record, will be released tomorrow after a blaze of publicity about his comments on his former pals.

On Mr Gove, the former PM said: "One quality shone through: disloyalty. Disloyalty to me and, later, disloyalty to Boris."

And he said Mr Gove's claim that the public were tired of experts made him "an ambassador for the truth-twisting age of populism".

"By the end, Boris and Michael seemed to me to be different people. Boris had backed something he didn't believe in," he wrote.

"Michael had backed something he did perhaps believe in, but in the process had broken with his friends ... while taking up positions that were completely against his political identity.

Via Mirror

My view: Politicians are loyal only to themselves.

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