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WATCH: Heartwarming moment toddlers spot each other in the street

A video showing two little boys running and hugging each other on a New York City street has gone viral.

Michael Cisneros, one of the toddlers’ father, shared the clip showing the children sprint toward one another, arms outstretched and smiling, after being apart for just a few days.

“It’s Thursday,” he wrote on Instagram. “These two haven’t seen each other since Tuesday. So many feels, it’s beautiful. So thankful.”

The video of Maxwell, who is white, and Finnegan, who is black, has since been shared around the globe — something Cisneros attributes to current racial tensions around the world.

“With all the racism and hate going on, I just think it’s a really beautiful video. The reason that it’s getting attention is that it is with a little black boy and a little white boy… but if it can change someone’s mind, you know, or just change their view on things, then it’s totally worth it.”

The 2-year-olds live a block apart in Washington Heights, CBS New York reports. The two have been best friends for about a year and just started riding the bus together to daycare since they live in the same neighbourhood.

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Video source: ABC

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My view: Adults should look and learn.This is what all of us should aspire to be. Who knows maybe that's the reason why Michael Jackson warmed to children more than adults, because children don't judge you, or discriminate, but instead he was labelled an alleged paedophile.

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