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Harry and Meghan will target illegal poaching of prized shellfish facing extinction at hands of blac

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have vowed to combat the illegal poaching of abalone, a coveted shellfish facing extinction after being sold on the black market.

During an official tour to Southern Africa, Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan, 38, will shine a spotlight on the prized delicacies, which can sell for up to £420 a plate in China.

Campaigners hope the the Duke and Duchess, who will embark on their tour with their son Archie, will raise awareness of the abalone, which is suffering its highest poaching levels in the last 20 years in South Africa, according to a recent report.

It is just one of the engagements themed around conservation on the ten-day African trip, planned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with other work focusing on endangered lions, elephants and rhinos.

On the second day of their tour, which kicks off in South Africa, the Duke will join the City of Cape Town Marine Unit to travel by boat to Seal Island, Kalk Bay, to learn about the important role they play in fighting the poaching of abalone.

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My view: I don't get why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (bad omen/badluck Duchess ) want to visit South Africa and then talk about shellfish, in a country were some foreigners and even South Africans have lost their lives and immigrants shops looted and burned down. Why can't they just stay away, there are other African countries they can visit. Some celebs use South Africa as Gucci accessory handbag, just to seek for attention and be noticed that they are on humanitarian mission while so many African countries that needs help are being ignored and neglected, sad.

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