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WATCH | Father cries as he's accused of killing his four children

On Wednesday, police arrested Mpungose in Clermont.

The man, who appeared deadpan throughout proceedings, and who at times used his jersey to wipe tears streaming down his face, abandoned his bid for bail.

The matter was postponed to October 9 for further investigations.

Footage of him in shackles surfaced on social media with speculation that he had been assaulted after he was arrested. Women can be heard taunting him that he hadn't been "burnt enough" and that when he returned "they should cut off his penis and kill him".

However, SAPS spokesman Colonel Thebeka Mbele said: "The suspect had slight injuries he sustained while running in the bush and had to be taken to the clinic. The information circulating that he was assaulted in jail are untrue."

Scroll down for video

Via Timeslive.

My view: The monster is shedding crocodile tears, his tears ain't real, he is a distraught evil human being and he should be hanged.

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