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Serena Williams’ coach worried about Meghan Markle at US Open women’s final

The team behind Serena Williams is worried that Meghan Markle’s presence at the US Open final on Saturday could distract from the match, a source told Page Six.

“Serena asked her coach about Meghan coming when she won last night and everyone is worried, as tennis players are very superstitious, and Serena lost when Meghan came to watch her at Wimbledon,” a source told us on Friday.

“[Williams’ coach] Patrick keeps telling her, ‘Focus focus focus.’ The aim is getting her to win her 24th Grand Slam.”

Our source also told us that the Duchess of Sussex’s trip was planned as recently as a couple of days ago.

A separate source said, “Serena adores Meghan and she’s so excited about her coming to the Open.”

On Friday, her coach told the Post that Williams won’t be distracted in the match.

“Not at all,” he said. “There will be 22,000 people in the stadium; 23,000, actually. One more or less won’t change a thing.”

As Page Six previously reported, sources said Markle’s trip to support close pal Williams is also a “PR stunt” to save face after a couple of scandals put her and husband Prince Harry in hot water this summer.

She put a no-photo ban into effect at Wimbledon and she and Harry took a private jet to Elton John’s house in France for a family vacation, despite being environmentalists. John later defended the couple and their right to privacy and safety.

Via Page Six

My view: The truth is Meghan Markle is bad omen for Serena at tennis matches. MM did not attend her best-friend Serena Williams' wedding and now all of a sudden she wants to show her face in every of her final, oh well it's called badluck. Goodluck to Serena today.

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