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Furious Boris Johnson calls Jeremy Corbyn a 'chicken' for blocking a snap election and calls

Boris Johnson blasted 'dithering' Jeremy Corbyn for plotting a 'surrender' to the EU today as the Labour leader prepares to block his demand for a snap election.

Taking his first PMQs, a furious Mr Johnson branded Mr Corbyn a 'chlorinated chicken' for refusing to agree to a poll on October 15 and said he 'used to be a democrat'.

Channelling Margaret Thatcher's famous taunt to opponents, Mr Johnson said: 'Is he frit?'

At one point the premier also turned the air blue in the chamber by claiming the Opposition's economic strategy was 'sh** or bust'.

Meanwhile, the Labour leader was jeered by Tory MPs as he accused the PM of trying to 'avoid scrutiny'.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said his party also wanted anti-No Deal legislation passed before an election. But Nicola Sturgeon swiped that she did not believe Mr Corbyn 'wants an election at all'.

Mr Johnson is facing more massive showdowns in Parliament today as a rebel alliance tries to force through legislation that would rule out No Deal - thwarting his 'do or die' vow to take the UK out of the EU by Halloween.

He has also called a vote tonight on holding a snap election so the 'people can decide' after Remainers seized control of Commons business.

But the premier needs agreement from two-thirds of the House to trigger a national ballot.

And despite spending years demanding an election, Mr Corbyn has insisted he will stop one happening until legislation has been passed guaranteeing that the UK cannot crash out.

The decision - described as the 'mother of all U-turns' by ministers - leaves the country in limbo, with Mr Johnson now unable to control the House - but also powerless to return to the electorate.

The premier gathered his Cabinet in Downing Street this morning as they frantically try to plot a way through the burgeoning crisis.

The latest shocking developments began when Mr Johnson lost a crunch vote at around 10pm, giving a rebel alliance control of Commons business with the aim of passing a law to stop the UK crashing out of the EU at the end of October, by an unexpectedly large margin of 328 to 301.

Some 21 Tory MPs - including eight former Cabinet ministers - defied threats of deselection to side with the Opposition over Brexit.

Former PM Theresa May positioned herself alongside Tory Remainer Ken Clarke for the statement yesterday and appeared to be enjoying Mr Johnson's discomfort

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My view: Jeremy Corbyn has Boris Johnson exactly were he want him. He can't call an election without parliament. So everything he did now backfires on him. Tory MPs are doing same thing he did to Theresa May.

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