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Furious Coleen demands Wayne comes home after she took off her wedding ring when he was seen partyin

Coleen Rooney flew to the US yesterday and demanded husband Wayne breaks his DC United contract after details of his latest night of partying emerged.

The 33-year-old arrived at Dulles International Airport in Washington as sources close to the star said she was 'furious' with her husband over his antics.

The footballer was pictured getting into a hotel lift with a mystery brunette after seven hours of partying in Vancouver, Canada last weekend.

It included visits to two clubs, chatting with three girls and jumping into a hot tub at a friends flat.

Coleen is said to have read Rooney the 'riot act' after the photographs of him on the night out emerged yesterday.

In the latest controversy, Rooney joined team members to have dinner at a cafe at 10.30pm before partying in the VIP area of the Twelve West nightclub in the trendy Granville area of the British Colombian city. He was later pictured going into a hotel lift with a woman in a skimpy white jumpsuit

On Friday Coleen was spotted without her wedding ring while shopping near their home in Cheshire.

He is due to quit DC United in Washington at the end of the MLS season and join Derby County as a player coach in January.

But Coleen is said to have insisted he come back to the family home in Cheshire immediately to join her and their four children Kai, nine, Klay, six, Kit, three, and 16-month-old Cass.

A source told The Sun: 'Coleen went ballistic at Wayne for being so stupid again. She knows women are all over him on nights out so pleaded with him to stay out of trouble.

'Coleen knew he was out that night but he missed out telling her about putting his arms around a woman in a nightclub and going back to his hotel with another.

'It makes her feel totally foolish — especially when he's vowed to start putting his family first.

'When she landed, Coleen told Wayne to just end his contract and go back to the UK with her. She wants him to just pay out and leave.

'They are so much happier at home and she just wants him to tell them to shove it.'

The photographs showed the striker with his arms around a mystery brunette inside one of two nightclubs he visited, before joining her in the back of a car.

Derby-bound Wayne (pictured getting into the back of a taxi) sipped on rum and coke as he visited two nightclubs, chatted to multiple women, and had a dip in a hot tub at friend's flat

Via Daily Mail

My view: This is pathetic, if Coleen Rooney doesn't want to leave her husband Wayne, then she should continue to put up with his cheating ways. Wayne Rooney knows Coleen will not dump him because she doesn't want another woman to enjoy the fruit of her labor. Even if they divorce and she gets half of Rooney's fortune, she still won't be happy to see another woman enjoy her husband's money, as Colleen and Wayne have been together since they were teenagers. Coleen and Wayne are both as bad as each other, as long as she keeps having him back, he will keep trying his luck, he will never change. I'm sure millions of struggling married women around the world would loved to trade places with Coleen Rooney, just to have Wayne's bank card and go on expensive holidays 10 times a year if not more.

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