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Gemma Collins leaves fans disgusted as she scratches her crotch and makes her stylist sniff it

Gemma Collins, 36, was seen scratching and sniffing her crotch in her new reality series.

Gemma is currently starring in Diva Forever.

The show is airing on ITVBe.

But, in vile clips last night, viewers were left disgusted after Gemma branded her private area "stinky".

Gemma also made her poor stylist Lucas to sniff her hand after she complained her vagina were "on fire".

The former Only Way is Essex star, reached down to itch and "air out" her private area she sniffed her own hand and then leaned over to her stylist Lucas for him to do the same, saying "it stinks doesn't it?"

"My vagina is on fire," she said as she lifted her leg up, "Sorry I've got to air it. I've got to itch it."

She continued: "Lucas my vagina is on fire, I feel like I'm getting an infection."

"It stinks doesn't it... It smells like yeast," she said.

But Twitter users were left sickened, with one writing: "I'm not sure how much #lucas is getting paid working for #gemmacollins but it's def not enough #divaforever #foofoo."

Another chipped in: "Just watched Gemma Collins scratch her foof and make poor Lucas smell her fingers. What is life. #DivaForever."

A third wrote: "Gemma Collins is the epitome of gross and I can’t help but watch."

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My view: This is disgusting and so gross, dirty to watch, just vile. I don't get why some Z list celebs seek for attention just to stay relevant. How much does the poor stylist get paid to take this nonsense.

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