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Video reveals shocking run-up to the moment Range Rover crushed woman between cars during that blazi

New video has revealed the shocking run-up to the moment a Range Rover crushed a woman between two cars in a sickening road rage attack on Sunday.

The victim, 47, is thought to have got out of her Mercedes Benz to remonstrate with another driver before being hit by the Range Rover just yards from Buckingham Palace, as previously reported.

Now footage has been released of the woman shouting at the driver of the light-blue Range Rover and leaning on the car's bonnet, before the thug drove forward and sent her smashing into her Mercedes.

The 47-year-old woman was left wedged between the two vehicles at Hyde Park Corner

Footage of the incident shows a driver getting into the light blue Range Rover Evoque and reversing the car away, which then released the woman.

The victim could then be seen falling down onto the road and being helped. Police are now probing whether the Range Rover may have been driven deliberately at her.

Scotland Yard said it was believed the woman had been a passenger in the black Mercedes Benz saloon and 'became involved in a dispute' with another driver.

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The Mercedes was also in collision with a bus. When officers arrived at the scene they arrested a man suspected of being the driver of the Range Rover.

Ade Thompson, 23, of Dulwich, South East London, was charged with driving while disqualified, driving without insurance and possession of class B drugs.'

He will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on August 27.

Tourist Deepak Anand, 40, who was visiting London from Vancouver in Canada, was on a bus with his wife and son and witnessed the incident.

He said he saw a man trying to pull a driver out of the Range Rover, which then sped into oncoming traffic before trapping the women against the Mercedes.

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My view: I don't get why he would full on drive into her when she was in front of the car and he could see she was their, this is plain evil.

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