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Green Shirt Man who laughed uncontrollably at Trump supporters is the internet’s newest hero

Mr Kack laughed in the face of the protesters (Picture: Nick VinZant/Twitter)

A man affectionately dubbed ‘Green Shirt Guy’ has gone viral after laughing hysterically in the face of Trump-supporting protesters.

Blogger and comedian Alex Kack, 28, was attending a Tucson City Council meeting to support a proposal to make the city safe for undocumented immigrants when it was interrupted by two protesters.

After city officials voted to put the proposal of making Tuscon a sanctuary city on the ballot in November, a man and woman interrupted the meeting in protest.

Although the protesters were met with a rousing chorus of ‘shut up’ from the fellow meeting attendees, Mr Kack’s reaction has made him a viral star.

Sitting at the front of the meeting near the two protesters, footage shows Mr Kack shaking with laughter at the attempt to halt the policy.

Scroll down for video

The female protester, who was wearing a bright red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, begins by shouting ‘respect our laws’ repeatedly towards the officials off screen.

Directing her complaints towards Tuscon’s mayor Jonathan Rothschild, the woman shouted: ‘You’re in direct violation of the oath you took to the United States constitution Mayor Rothschild.’

An audience member then replied: ‘You’re in direct violation of being a jackass.’

In the footage of the meeting, Mr Kack can be seen smirking as the woman started to shout.

The protester used arts and crafts to make her point (Picture: Nick VinZant/Twitter)

However his glee soon turned into full-blown laughter when she pulled out a large homemade sign reading ‘respect our laws’ on the front.

As she continued to shout and members of the public started to clear the room, Mr Kack kept laughing in the face of the protesters, smacking his leg and clutching his chest with joy.

As well as making her the target of mockery online, her protest was in vain as the plans had already gained the required number of signatures to be put onto the ballot for November.


My view: Well! the green shirt guy won the round, The protesters were being controversial, they were seeking for attention but unfortunately for them the green shirt guy stopped them by laughing in their faces.

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