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Meghan Markle asked to sneak out of £300k baby shower to 'change the optics'

Megahn Markle asked to leave the lavish The Mark Hotel from the side exit (Image: Christopher Peterson /

Meghan Markle asked to appear like she was trying to 'sneak out of the hotel' from her lavish baby shower so that she won't be accused of lapping up media attention, a report has revealed.

The Duchess of Sussex, who made worldwide headlines with an extravagant baby shower at the five-star The Mark Hotel, instructed US police to help her to leave the hotel through a side exit to change the 'optics' of the trip.

The senior officers explained in the report that the change of plans would require the State department's cars being moved, 'telegraphing our intent' to anyone outside.

Documents from the US State Department obtained by Daily Mail referred the £300,000 baby shower visit as a 'notionally private trip'.

The Duchess stayed at the £60,000-a-night penthouse suite while celebrating her baby shower (Image: REUTERS)

The report reads: "The VIP [Meghan] explained that her intent was to change the literal optics of the departure, making appear that she was at least attempting to sneak out of the hotel on photos rather than exiting through the main entrance and giving the potential impression that she was enjoying the media attention."

Meghan was heavily criticised for her baby shower after she was reportedly travelling on Amal and George Clooney's £33m private jet and taking her A-list friends to New York hotspots.

Tennis champion Serena Williams, TV anchor Gayle King, celebrities Amal Clooney and best friend Jessica Mulroney were seen walking through the front door of the hotel as they attended the Duchess's celebration at the £60,000-a-night penthouse suite.

Meghan left the shower and took the £33million private jet owned by the Clooneys (Image:

During the shower, Meghan left the hotel from the side exit and got into a State Department car and drove for dinner with her friends.

She then asked to change the route to the restaurant in a bid to avoid the cameras but the details of her trip were leaked, it is stated in the report.

She was photographed going in and leaving the restaurant.

The files also showed that the Duchess changed the restaurant at the last minute to try and avoid being seen.

Meghan had reportedly wanted to eat at Flora Bar, the Met museum's restaurant which features a glass ceiling where the public can see inside.

Serena Williams

She then changed to a more private Cafe Boulud at the Surrey Hotel.

The report read: "Many members of the Royal Family are very easily recognised personalities; therefore, they are attractive targets for those seeking notoriety."

Buckingham Palace does not comment on the security measures.

Amal Clooney

Via Mirror

My view: Meghan Markle loves the media attention she gets daily and there's no way she'll give it up, now that she's married to a Prince. It's all double talk from her after that extravagant and lavish baby shower.

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