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Raging TUI plane passenger Spits in Wife's face, Pushes Flight Attendant and forced emergency la

Edward Mongan, 42, must pay £5,250 following furious plane row that saw him yell at cabin crew and push one of them - and led to flight from UK to Mexico to be diverted to Bermuda

A man who had a blazing row with his wife on a TUI flight has been fined(Image: Reuters)

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A passenger who spat in his wife’s face on a jet and forced the captain to make an emergency landing has been fined £5,250.

Edward Mongan, 42, had a furious row with his other half on the holiday flight from Britain to Mexico.

Mongan also shouted at cabin crew as well as pushing one of them, a court was told.

The pilot was so worried that he diverted to Bermuda where the raging British passenger was arrested.

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe told the court in Ber­­muda: “One can only imagine what was going through the passengers’ minds while this was happening.”

The flight was diverted to Bermuda and Mongan was arrested there (Image: Getty)

Mongan, from Manchester, admitted threatening behaviour, interference with the duties of a flight attendant, and using abusive words.

He told the court: “What I did was uncalled for. I’ll never do it again.

“My wife is in Mexico. I just want to see my wife and kids.”

He was on a TUI Airways jet on Sunday when he was heard to swear at his wife.

Magistrates in the capital Hamilton were told cabin manager Anne Marie Evans spoke to him about his language but that he told her: “F*** off. Get out of my sight.”

Prosecutors said Mongan went to the back of the plane and shouted at another crew member, then spat in his wife’s face and pushed Ms Evans away.

TUI said the plane continued to Cancun soon after the diversion.

It comes after a British woman, who allegedly ran amok on a plane, causing it to be diverted and RAF jets to be scrambled, got an £85,000 bill from the airline Jet2.

Via Mirror

My view: I feel sorry for his wife, why is she still with someone like that?. He should have been fined £50k.

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