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Kylie Jenner has unfollowed Jordyn Woods on Instagram just one day after a video surfaced of Woods dancing with Khloe Kardashian's ex, James Harden.

Jenner, who has 141 million followers of her own, yet only follows 125 people pulled the plug on her Insta-relationship with Woods Friday. Woods has 10.3 million followers ... she still follows Kylie and the Kylie Cosmetics account.

According to TMZ, Woods was seen inside a Houston barsmoking hookah and dancing with James Harden Wednesday night. Sources close to Woods told us it was a friendly encounter ... and the two just ran into each other by chance through mutual friends.

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However, sources on the other side told TMZ Jordyn and James have been hanging out regularly for months.

The online publication reports that, Kylie has become tired of Jordyn allegedly lying about the Tristan situation and now trying to spin the James situation ... Woods allegedly lied to Kylie when she and James first got together, telling Kylie that Khloe was totally cool with it. TMZ sources say Khloe had no idea James and Jordyn were hanging out ... but would have been cool with it had she known.

Jordyn was caught kissing Khloe's other ex and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson at a house party in Los Angeles in February. Jordyn later went on Jada Pinkett-Smith's Red Table Talk and told her side of the story -- a side witnesses told TMZ, it was totally downplayed -- and that destroyed her relationship with the Kardashians.

It was back in June when Kylie unfollowed Jordyn's mom and sister ... Jordyn's IG account was the last thing linking her to the famous family.

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My view: This unfollowing thing is so childish, is it supposed to have an effect on someone that badly if you're unfollowed?. So Jordyn Woods is not even allowed to go to the same club Khloe Kardashian's array of basketball exes attend, this is so strange, is like they're special species that won't take nonsense from their ex BFF's or anyone. I don't even get why this women are so upset when they do exact same thing to other women and Khloe is no longer with James Harden. The footage doesn't even show anything bad, Jordyn is just having fun. I don't think Jordyn gives a toss about someone unfollowing her.

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