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Footage emerges of checkout line argument between Georgia lawmaker and man she accused of telling he

Footage has emerged of the moment a shopper approached a Georgia lawmaker during a grocery store spat in which she claimed he told her 'go back where you came from'.

Police said Wednesday they would not charge Eric Sparkes over the incident after an officer's bodycam also showed a witness claiming it was in fact state Rep. Erica Thomas who made the inflammatory remarks and not him.

Cobb County police released security video from inside the Publix which shows the moment the two begin to argue in front of shocked shoppers and staff.

The clip has no audio but shows Sparkes came back to the line to approach pregnant Thomas, pointing to the express lane sign.

A heated argument then appears to start with the two gesticulating. At one point Sparkes looks to walk away from the argument before it flares up again.

A second newly released video shows a police officer's body cam as he interviews Sparks and witnesses to the row.

That shows an onlooker at the store confirming to law enforcement that Thomas used the racist phrase and not Sparkes.

The store employee says: 'She said that to him. "You can go back to where you came from" to him. He just kept calling her ignorant.'

The witness added that Thomas kept ‘running her mouth’ as she approached him but added that she 'didn’t walk over to them to intervene until they started getting very loud'.

Scroll down for video

Another employee, Derrick Tompkins, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 'I’m not going to say that wasn’t said, but I don’t remember hearing it. I’m going to leave it at that.'

Thomas took to Facebook to post a tearful video last week saying she was racially abused by Sparkes in the supermarket express checkout line.

In it she described how she and her nine-year-old daughter had just returned from the supermarket, where Sparkes had cursed at her, calling her a 'lazy son of a b***h' and allegedly telling her 'You need to go back where you came from'.

The incident came days after President Donald Trump tweeted that four congresswomen of color, including U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, should go back to the 'broken and crime infested' countries they came from.

But a day later Thomas and Sparkes were seen in a shocking on-camera, parking lot confrontation where Eric denied telling her 'go back to where you came from' but admitted he branded her a 'lazy b***h'.

He denied making any racially-charged comments and told WSB-TV that he's Cuban, not a racist and not a Trump supporter.

Thomas later said in an interview with Channel 2 Action News: 'I don't want to say he said, "Go back to your country", or "Go back to where you came from". But he was making those types of references is what I remember.'

But she doubled down on her original comments in a press conference Monday, saying: 'I want to make sure everyone knows I'm not backtracking on my statement or retracting anything I said.'

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

Scroll down and watch Publix manager and witness give her account of the grocery story confrontation between Erica Thomas & Eric Sparkes.

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My view: It is clear that someone is lying, and after watching the statement from the grocery store manager, it's obvious in the footage who that person is. I believe the grocery store manager's account of the grocery confrontation story. The lawmaker appears to be economical with the truth.The truth is she told him several times to go back to where he came from. She could've ruined the man's life and had no problem lying.

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