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COZA twist: Police invite the Dakolos to Abuja for ‘criminal conspiracy’

Timi Dakolo and wife Busola: strange invitation by the police

There has been a twist in the tale of rape accusation by Busola Dakolo against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, as the police sent separate invitations to Busola and her husband, Timi on Saturday.

The invitations which were delivered in the couple’s home in Lagos today, came from police headquarters in Abuja.

They were signed by a deputy commissioner of police Kolo Yusuf, who asked the couple to report on Tuesday by 10 a.m to face questioning over a case of “criminal conspiracy, falsehood, mischief and threat to life”.

The letter to Busola Dakolo was wrongly addressed to “Bisola Dakolo”.

The police were silent on the rape complaint filed by Busola weeks ago.

Pastor Fatoyinbo allegedly raped Busola in her family home about 20 years ago in Ilorin, Kwara state.

Busola was then just about 16 years old.

The story has provided a staple of discussions with opinions divided as to why the celebrity photographer was exhuming the case now.

Pastor Fatoyinbo after protests against him by rights groups in his church in Abuja, stepped aside as the presiding pastor.

Fatoyinbo and Busola Dakolo

Letter to Bisola(Busola) Dakolo

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My view: Busola Dakolo's rape story during the interview just doesn't add up, something definitely happened between Busola and the pastor but I don't believe it was rape, it may be an alleged affair that turned into a love triangle between Busola, her husband Timi Dakolo and the flamboyant pastor. There's no jury in the world that'll find pastor Fatoyinbo guilty based on Busola's story. I think Nigerian police should investigate Busola's house in Ibadan, the room her elder sister was sleeping and the lounge where Busola was allegedly raped in the early hours of the morning of the incident. Also how the pastor was able to go into his car and get a bottle of "Krest", yet her sister was still fast asleep, was her sister hypnotized? it is very strange.

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