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Kylie Jenner and Best Friend Stassie Karanikolaou accused of serious Photoshop fail while wearing tw

Kylie Jenner and her BFF Stassie Karanikolaou already faced accusations of Photoshopping their pictures several times this week.

And the duo continued to make fans to question their editing abilities when they posted a curious photo on Instagram Wednesday.

The size and shape of Stassie's legs had people wondering if she had made yet another Photoshop fail.

See reaction below

Kylie Jenner fans have accused her of making Photoshop fails as they spot rogue 'gaps and lines' on her Instagram pictures.

My view: I don't get how they still need to photoshop after all the plastic surgery. Kylie Jenner and her friend Stassie have same body shape, maybe they have the same cosmetic surgeon. Their friendship looked forced and staged for the camera, unlike the real friendship she had with Jordyn Woods. It is obvious that the chemistry is just not there. I also wonder if Kylie can live her life without depending on another female friend for image showcasing and emotional support, it's like she prefers the company of her current BFF to being with her rapper boyfriend/husband Travis Scott 24/7, it's so strange.

Why people are surprised? All photos are photoshopped and filtered!

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