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Instagram under fire after boyfriend slits 17-year-old girlfriend's throat then posted gruesome

The boyfriend of a 17-year-old social media star is accused of slitting her throat, posting a grisly picture of her dead body on Instagram and then trying to kill himself.

Brandon Andrew Clark, 21, of Cicero in upstate New York is said to have written he was 'sorry' on a picture of Bianca Devins' remains.

Her body was found outside her car in Utica on Sunday morning after people started sharing the grisly post on social media.

Internet star Bianca - who had 35,000 followers across two Instagram pages - is thought to have argued with Clark after the pair went to a concert in Queens.

The disturbing picture of her dead body is then said to have been online for more than 12 hours behind a sensitive image filter until Instagram removed it.

Brandon Andrew Clark, 21, of Cicero, is accused of killing Bianca Devins, pictured, before inflicting severe injuries to himself in upstate New York

Police named Clark - thought to be a frequent user of the dark web site 4chan - as a person of interest in the death and say he is currently hospitalized

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Utica police told BuzzFeed News Clark keep posting to Instagram Stories while he was being held at gunpoint by officers.

A spokesman for Instagram told 'We removed this image, and subsequently the account, for violating our policies.

'To stop the content from spreading, we have technology that allows us to proactively find other attempts to upload the image in question, and automatically remove these posts before anyone sees them.

'We are also reviewing hashtags and accounts claiming to share this content and taking action in line with our policies.'

Police named Clark - thought to be a frequent user of websites 4chan and Discord - as a person of interest in the death and say he is currently hospitalized. The New York Post reports he called 911 to report the incident himself.

A woman thought to be Bianca's sister, Liv Devins, called Clark a 'close family friend who we trusted so much'.

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My view: This is beyond evil, what is wrong with the human race?. There's a-lot of good things that social media has done but there is an alarming increase in the dark side of social media out there and it's getting worse, dangerous and deadly.

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