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Full Story Of Nigerian Journalist Who Slumped and Died While Dancing At Reunion Party In Edo

Tragic Osarugue Eunice (Photo: informationng)

Tragedy struck at the St Maria Goretti Reunion ceremony in Edo State last Friday July 12th when Nigerian journalist, Osarugue Eunice, who was seen dancing at the school’s 60th anniversary party, slumped and died while dancing.

The tragic event was shared by Facebook user, Uwuma Vincentmba who revealed that the journalist was very vibrant at the dance floor, showing her dance moves.

Eunice was said to be the life of the party as she was proudly showing off her dance moves. She suddenly slumped on a chair and was thought to be taking a rest. However after some minutes, people around her noticed she was not moving nor responding to her name when she was called upon, Expressiveinfo reported.

A doctor was called and she was rushed to the hospital where she was certified dead on arrival.

Facebook user, Uwuma Vincentmba, gave an account of what happened.

Read the post below:

She was said to have been dancing in the school hall then slumped on a chair. Was presumed to be tired but when she did not respond, Doctors were alerted and checked her. No peripheral pulses were palpated.

Misinformation about her being an asthmatic made the doctors administer pufffs of salbutamol to her via inhaler. When alerted, (smagoga doctors) we met her lying on the ground outside the hall. We stopped the inhaler, could only palpate the left temporal pulse and continued anti shock management and CPR. Then rushed her to the nearest private medical centre opposite the school but they had no oxygen. Moved her to Central hospital in the hope of getting full complement of resuscitation facilities viz oxygen, defribillator.

Upon arrival at central hospital, she was pronounced BID ( brought in dead).

No defribillator. We continued administering CPR on the way to UBTH, in expectation of getting a defribillator. Although a team was at reception to receive her, they confirmed no cardiac activity and also confirmed as bid. Her corpse was then transferred to Stella Obasanjo Hospital and Morgue.

Additional information reportedly from her relative claimed Eunice was a known hypertensive. She was said to have been ill 3 months ago, collapsed after an injection administration and was in a coma for one week. She also had severe headaches two weeks ago and lapsed into unconsciousness for 24hours.

Her attending Doctor, it was reported, had advised her to do some comprehensive check up and investigations which she postponed. She had severe headache prior to the opening ceremony of the 60th school anniversary.

Watch the video below

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My view: This is so sad, such a cruel and tragic waste of a vibrant life.

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