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Watch: Man ambushed, gunned down while trying to flee attackers in the Bronx

Dramatic surveillance video shows a Bronx man being ambushed by two thugs inside of an apartment building lobby — one of whom fatally shot him in the back as he attempted to flee, cops said.

The footage was released Sunday by the NYPD as they continue to search for the man’s attackers.

Richard Cepeda, 31, had been sitting inside of the lobby at 2356 Grand Concourse on Thursday night when the two alleged suspects set upon him, according to police.

One of the men can be seen on video brandishing a pistol and pointing it at Cepeda’s head right before he attempts to flee. The other appeared to have been waiting on him in the vestibule.

As Cepeda goes to leave, the other suspect can be seen punching him in the face. His alleged accomplice — still holding the pistol — chases after Cepeda, but is unable to catch him. He allegedly fired off several shots, one of which hit Cepeda in the back.

Cops were eventually call and Cepeda was transported to St.Barnabas Hospital, but couldn’t’ be saved.

The gunman was described as wearing a black and yellow du-rag, a white shirt, blue jeans, and black and white sneakers. The other suspect was said to have been wearing a “light covered baseball cap, a white shirt, black and white sweatpants and dark colored sneakers.”

Scroll down for video

Via New York Post

My view: Why are some people so evil and have no regard for human life.?

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