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Boy, 5, hides on roof to try and avoid being circumcised

The little boy climbed on the roof and refused to come down (Picture: AsiaWire/@anik.sutari.5)

A five-year-old boy climbed up onto the roof of a medical clinic to try and avoid being circumcised.

The boy had been taken by his parents for the operation, which is common in Indonesia. He ran away up to the roof, where he stayed for two hours as people tried to persuade him to come down.

Dr Anik Sutari said she had never seen anything like it during her years of practice in the city of Serang, capital of Banten province, on the island of Java.

She shared the photograph of the boy’s stunt on Facebook on July 8 and admitted she had been stumped as to what to do.

Dr Sutari said: ‘Throughout my professional history, out of the 20 years I have been doing circumcisions and the thousands of children I have circumcised, this is the first time I’ve seen a child flee to the top of the roof.’

Dr Anik Sutari shared the photo on Facebook (Picture: AsiaWire/@anik.sutari.5)

She and the boy’s parents had been reluctant to follow the frightened youngster onto the roof in case he tried to run away and fell.

The boy finally came down after his parents thought to contact his schoolteacher who had a good relationship with him.

She added: ‘It’s true… As soon as the teacher comes, with a little persuasion finally the child wants to come down… ‘And even more magical, the child walks himself to the circumcision clinic, and positioned himself for the procedure without being led or forced.’

And Dr Sutari said the boy did not struggle, cry or even complain when she was finally able to circumcise him – three hours later than planned. Most Indonesian boys are circumcised around the age of five.

The practice is particularly prevalent among Muslims who make up the vast majority of the islands’ population.

Via Metro

My view: They should have explained the process to him first before taking him to the clinic.

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