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Violin prodigy, 17, found dead amid warning of 'Calvin Klein' drug craze

A teenage violin prodigy was found dead by her father after a suspected overdose from a drug cocktail of cocaine and ketamine know as ‘Calvin Klein’.

London-born Katya Tsukanova, 17, had been partying with friends before her Russian billionaire father found her collapsed at their mansion in Kensington, west London, on June 18.

Igor Tsukanov, who moved to the UK capital with wife Natasha in the 1990s, told the Telegraph his daughter, who had performed at the Royal Opera House just days before her tragic death, was ‘so happy and had a bright future.

She was found collapsed by her father at their mansion in Kensington ‘She was such a smart girl, and she made one bad choice.

‘What can we parents do? The children will do what they want anyway, and they never tell you the truth.’ Katya was immediately rushed to hospital but could not be saved.

Friends of the teenager told the paper the ‘Calvin Klein’ drug has recently been sweeping the London nightlife scene. They said ‘Calvin Klein’ was ‘the new thing among Katya and her friends.

‘Not just them though – it’s everywhere.’

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My view: That is so sad, such a terrible waste of a young life.

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