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Arnold Schwarzenegger hit back at Trump after the US president claims he ‘died’

Hollywood legend Arnold Schwarzenegger has hit back at Donald Trump after Trump said he was dead.

Schwarzenegger fired back at Trump by demanding he release his tax returns, after the US president suggested the actor and former governor had “died”.

Yahoo’s White House Correspondent Hunter Walker quoted Mr Trump saying: ‘“Arnold Schwarzenegger … You know what? He died … I was there.” – President Donald J. Trump — Arnold Schwarzenegger is, in fact, alive.’

Schwarzenegger had some health problems recently, undergoing heart surgery in April 2018, but he’s still very much alive and fitter than president Trump himself. Which makes it strange that Trump said during a social media conference he was ‘there’ when Schwarzenegger died.

But one hour later Mr Schwarzenegger, who is alive, quoted the tweet and added: “I’m still here. Want to compare tax returns.

The White House Correspondent clarified the president had been referring to The Terminatorstar’s TV ratings when he said the 71-year-old had “died”.

NBC cancelled The Apprentice in 2015 after Trump had disparaged immigrants at the start of his presidential campaign.

See the tweet and reaction below

My view: There's no comparison at all, Arnold Schwarzenegger is fitter and better than Trump.

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