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‘Deviant’ dad who raped screaming baby for dark web video gets 70 years jail

A ‘deviant’ father who raped his screaming one year-old daughter for a video he uploaded to the dark web has been jailed for 70 years.

James Lockhart, 31, received the maximum sentence possible at a court hearing Thursday for producing the four videos between March 2016 and February 2018.

Harrowing court documents said that during at least one of the clips, the young victim ‘continues to scream and cry’ as she is sexually assaulted by her father.

After he was sentenced, Homeland Security agent Michael B Cochran said: ‘This deviant committed the most horrible atrocities imaginable to a one-year-old child.

‘HSI’s national and international partnerships have helped ensure that this predator will never again harm a child.’

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My view: He is beyond evil, a beast, at least he was jailed for 70 years and won't be out until 101 years old, if he lives that long.

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